The Story of Johnny depp

                                                                        Fatherhood Changed My Life                                                                 (Johnny Depp)

Johnny Depp is one of the finest superstar of Hollywood film industry. He worked in more than 40 movies and many television serials. He was born in June 9, 1963. He is as actor, film producer and musician. He got many famous awards for his memorable characters as an actor. Johnny Depp raised to prominent on the 1980’s famous television series 21 Jump Street. He became famous in teens, and became a teen idol. He wasn’t satisfied with that status, that’s why He turned to movies to play challenging roles. He played the leading role of the acclaimed Edward Scissor hands in 1990, and Sleepy Hollow which found success later on box office. It’s fair about Johnny Depp that he is more hard worker than any actor of Hollywood. That’s why he became more adored actor of his generation. He is persistence, toil, steadfastness and fortitude. Listing his famous movies, Pirates of the Caribbean film series which grossed 3,727 million U$ dollars, and “The Curse of the Black Pearl” had scored 653 Million U$ dollars around the world. From that success made Johnny became a twenty million dollars person, and got nomination for world most famous award. He wasn’t like Will Smith or Julia Roberts that people pay tickets in dollars just to see them on big screen. It is the force of the personalities who brought people to cinemas. People go after their names because they are superstars and heart of their fans. Actors like Will Smith and Julia Roberts you have to work hard to reach this status. Mentioning Johnny Depp’ here He did every role to reach to this point. He is a bigger star now.

The Unlikely Superstar Johnny Depp became the sunshine of the summer season with his blockbuster movies when cruise has crashed and burned, and the Da Vinci Code used to be a joyless blockbuster. Sometime the shooting goes absurd when you go through some awful situation, working with director Gore Verbinski some shoots of the movie made Depp annoyed, when the three way sword fight in a huge water wheel that snapped off its frame and rolling  at high speed through the Jungle. That’s what Depp thinks how awful your profession is. Depp said it was great fun, but it was a bastard too. It took more time than the first film and how change cute moments to hilarious one. That’s why Elizabeth at one point said to Jack “you are a good man.” And Depp replies sloppily, under his breath, “All evidence to the contrary.

Time slows down when you are with Johnny Depp. He looks like he never been in a hurry in his whole life. He always comes late for interviews. This lateness sometime stretches on hours and sometimes it’s larger to many days. It is also the fact that once he’s with you, you’ll never found him in a hurry to leave. He has a soft voice and low to speak, his body is in constant motion, rolling the cigarette, rubbing an elbow, reaching for a glass, but the rhythm is in flow variable, like a can licking his paw. He’s a calm guy, with hypnotic presence. He always been true to his self. Money never ruled on Jack like what people think he shouldn’t do. It means if you have strange feelings towards something it freaks people out, and Depp knows who he is and that is the best about him.

Depp escaped from Hollywood film industry around 1990, and managed two decades without Hollywood. It wasn’t strange for him because he played some wonderful roles during the past years. He worked in more than 20 movies before 2003, Beautiful movies with some unforgettable roles in it. Mostly crimes involved movies that guys can’t open a movie. He does all those strange art movies. He works with the directors whose names are difficult to pronounce. He is a rock star of the movies chart, because of his hit after hit movies with played some tremendous roles in it. The best thing about Depp is he never looks back to his life nor he worry about future, all you are is what you are doing now and how you make it the best. When the news hits that Depp is going to make the first Pirates. News blasts down that he must be broke, but his artistic role made difference and finally sold out. He never bothered by commercial success what bothered by him was striving for it. Depp wants things on his term, it’s not like he can make it perfect but he can work on it more attentively, because he want to move forward. Family battle and the divorced of his parents made Depp an angry young man in most of his twenties. He was the youngest of four kids grew in Florida. He dreamed of playing guitar in music band. In sixteen years of age he dropped out of school. He had never been happier before when he heard that his group is opening for act like Leggy Pop, but all in vain when his musician, he briefly married to, introduced Depp to Nicole Cage, who suggested Depp to give a try in acting. Thus he got a supporting role in A Nightmare on Elm Street and a little part in a platoon. He was struggling financially during that time period. Thus he signed for 21 Jump Street a TV series about young cops going undercover in high school. From that series he made a teen idol and he became famous like a bright star. He mentioned that ‘Every thing flips’. When suddenly you go into restaurants and people are pointing at you and buzzing around. In that time you feel your freedom of anonymity is gone and you go out of home like for outing or restaurant and a bunch of cameras and flashbulbs around you. Johnny always feels annoyed of it and till now Johnny wants to go home but there is no home.

Johnny fell in love with French actress-singer Vanessa Paradis that everything seemed towards her. After a series of long term romances with many ladies his relationship with Paradis made fastener towards her. He became father of two kids, his daughter Lily Rose, born in 1999 and son Jack in 2002. After being a father he found the real meaning of his life, and the pressure was released from his mind.  He became soft and calm and he start concentrating on his work more precisely. Depp himself puts it directly: “Now I know where home is.” For Johnny Depp Fatherhood is Awesome.



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