Fashion lovers in Pakistan: Don’t miss these winter accessories

5 essential winter accessories for fashion lovers in Pakistan

Winter is the fun, loving, charismatic and enjoyable for some, while some Pakistanis huddle in their homes saving themselves from cold. The youth of Pakistan enjoys every bit of seasons, mother nature has blessed them with. Another great thing is that fashion in Pakistan is on rising. Fortunately, our stars are also stealing international fashion shows and it’s giving youth a much-needed drive. Winter fashion is very classy and full of choices, many times, we can’t make an easy decision to buy fashion accessories. So, we’ve come up with this winter essential accessories guide every Pakistan man & woman must read.

First of all know 2018 winter fashion trends in this infographic:

Winter fashion trends in Pakistan Infographic


Now that you are set and know the latest winter fashion trends, now we’ll reveal a few essential accessories that you must have in your wardrobe.

Beanies to cover your head:

Winter is rather tough in northern areas of Pakistan & our countrymen can’t stop themselves from visiting those during the season. You need to cover yourself head to toe and what’s cooler than to having classy beanies in your winter wardrobe. These go perfectly with any type of apparel or outfit you adopt. Sweatshirt, denim jacket, leather jacket, shrug, name your outfit & you’ll find beanies are essential for a complete look. So, all fashionista ladies & guys get some beanies now.

Wear the matchless class of scarf:

Scarf for men, scarf for women & you are the talk of the town. Fashion fanatics in Pakistan can’t call themselves one unless having a woolen scarf in your winter wardrobe collection. The scarf is the best accessory to give your looks an ultimate fashionista look. And the good thing is both men & women can wear them. Scarves go really add to your desi look if worn with a sweatshirt, trench coat, hence you can wear these with any outerwear you choose.

Gloves all the way to hands:

Protecting your body head to toe is the ultimate requirement during the extreme winter season. But, fashion lovers can never compromise on looks. Though not trendy, gloves can really distinguish you apart from the rest of countrymen. Wearing leather gloves with a trench coat/long coat or a puffer jacket adds elegance, class, and uniqueness to your looks. You can also wear woolen gloves with shrugs/cape shawls or hoodies.

Shawls for a desi look:

Pakistani fashion is never complete with a desi look and therefore, we have added this desi ingredient to our essential winter accessories. Shawls are equally classical for both men and women. The great thing about our own desi fashion is that it blends perfectly with any trend or style. Boys wear a shawl with Shalwar Kameez and Peshawri chapel, girls have special immunity to wear at any occasion with any outfit.

Ankle-high boots:

If you are a wanderer, like most of Pakistani’s, you are going to need them. Ankle-high all ladies and gents are must-have for your winter wardrobe collection. Missing out on these is subject to ruining all your fashion collection for winter. Wear ankle-high boots with jeans, leggings, or baggy, these all fairly complement their class. Don’t miss out on these for a complete winter season lookbook.

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