The Spice Trail by Kate Humble

The Spice Trail Review 

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The spice trail is a documentary movie made by Kate Humble. In which she traveled many exotic places in the world to search for spices. In this documentary Kate traveled the world to see how different spices are made, and what the background history behind these exotic spices is. During her visits she interviewed different people to find out the stories behind these spices, as well as the origins of it. It also gave the idea of how these local economies flourished because of these spices, and what sort of hurdles, threats, and diseases they faced. It also showed how the colonial powers grabbed on these local economies and devastated the lives of local inhabitants.

In the first episode they visited India to find out about pepper. Where they showed the traditional way of how peppers are brought to the market, and what process they use to negotiate between the seller and the buyer. Second they showed us how the Cinnamon tress is being cut, and how they gently remove the inner shape with a knife, which is quite fascinating.

In the second episode

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The Spice Trail with Kate Humble

they visited Indonesia to search for Nutmeg and Cloves, where they visited space Island, which is quite far away within Indonesian territory. They discovered about nutmeg and its layers. It’s a type of fruit used in jams. They cut the fruit and the inner nut being removed and after removing they dried it for further usage. Cloves are kind of pink flowers which were on tall trees. The best cloves in them are said to be pink. They showed the men who climbed the trees to collect it, and the children were also searching for cloves under the tall trees.

In this story they also showed the birth of multinational companies, different cultures and the bloody wars in different parts of the world.

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