20 Unseen Pictures of Makkah

Makkah is the holiest and oldest place for all Muslims around the World.  It is the place where Islam emerged Under Prophet Muhammad (SAW). MAkkah is situated in Saudi Arabia. Millions of Muslims around the world go for Hajj during the Month of Dhulhajja. The distance between Makkah in Jeddah is 70/km. Total Population of this Holy City is above 2 Millions, although the number gets higher and higher during Hajj (pilgrimage) period, which held in 12th Muslim Lunar Month of DhulHajjah.  It is the birth Place of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the revelation of the Quran.

So here is the list of Pictures I have collected for all of you.

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1. Abraj-Al-Bait-Towers, Kabbah and the Amazing Clock Tower
Makkah Clock Tower


2. The Entrance Gate of Makkah
alt"The Entrance Gate of Makkah"
The Entrance Gate of Makkah


3. Makkah at Night Masha Allah
alt"Makkah Wallpapers"
Makkah At Night


4. The Clock Tower 
alt"Clock Tower"
The Clock Tower
5. Jabal Al-Nour
Jabal al-nour


6. Kabbah Door 
Kabbah Door


7. Another Amazing Night View 
Night View of Makkah


8. Subhan Allah
Subhan Allah


9. Millions Sajood Masha Allah
Kabbah Wallpapers


10. Sahahr-e-Makkah (Morning in Makkah)
Morning of Makkah


11. Another Incredible Scene of Makkah 
alt"Beautiful Makkah"
Beautiful Makkah


12. The Asar Prayer 
Makkah Wallapapers


13. Ghilaf e Kaaba
Kaaba Ghilaf


14. Jabal Al-Nour
Alt"Jabal al-nour"
Jabal al-nour


15. Makkah Blue 
alt"Makkah Wallpapers"
Makkah Wallpapers


16. Workers embroider the Kiswa
Workers embroider the Kiswa, a silk cloth covering the Holy Kaaba, in the holy city of Mecca, ahead of the annual haj pilgrimage


17. Workers embroider the Kiswa cont..
A worker embroiders the Kiswa, a silk cloth covering the Holy Kaaba, in the holy city of Mecca, ahead of the annual haj pilgrimage


18. The Clock Tower Under the Blue Sky
The Clock Tower Makkah


19. Pilgrimage around Kaaba
Kaaba wallpaper


20. Hajj Times in Makkah
During Hajj Time

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