Summary paragraph of ‘potato chips’

The autobiography ‘potato chips and stars’ was written by Mike rose.

He remembers a few things of his school life. He remembers that he was very weak in grammar and mathematics. He used to defend himself against all those things and people, which he didn’t know. He did also try to do something unique in chemistry. One day he brought some Alka-Seltzer and mixed it with white crystals in a jar of water, but it didn’t produce his desired results. So, he failed in this field. His school had also a multipurpose room, having novels, books etc, but he did like the rockets in it. He had daydreams about the aerospace adventures and he used to consider himself as a hero of them when he used to read a book of it. He did also two jobs when he was in grade 5th. One was of looking after birds in a breeder’s firm and the second was selling strawberries. He used to write stories through his drawings whenever he had free time from his job. He also read astronomy and took great interest in it. He used to draw the maps of different stars but didn’t know about the classical methodology about stars names. At last he became a lover of astronomy.

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