Lawlessness in Pakistan: A major societal problem

Law is a statement which gives a particular right to somebody on one side and imposes a duty on another body on the other side. The stability and prosperity of a society cam simply be detected by examining the respect of law in a society. If people of a particular society give respect to their laws, they would have a cooperated society and vice-versa. Laws normally made by Judges, legislatures, executives for the individual of a state. Laws are written, and made by the government of a state, thus followed by the people of that state. Laws are made for the establishment of government in a state, and everybody is restricted to follow these laws under the government rules and regulation. Law is a relationship between people with their government. Law is a strict rule, which you cannot deny. Law is a source of justice for the people of the state. Laws are influenced by the constitutions. Laws can be written and unwritten form, which provides you a legal system. Every country has common law system, but there are some countries like Pakistan and Israel where religious laws are also made and imposed. In Pakistan particularly Islamic laws and worldwide some other religious communities exist. Religious law always plays an important role in solving secular matters. (Pakistan, 2010) Law is broadly divided into two types: The criminal law, which relates to crimes and dealing with those aspects, which is harmful and treating for the health of social construction. It provides safety and moral welfare for the people of the state. It gives punishment to those who violets these laws. Criminal law differs from civil law, which solves cases on the basis of punishment. The Civil Law is opposite to the criminal law, which solves matters on non-criminal way. This seeks resolution for problems, and solves problems in appropriate way. Both are required and exist in the state.

Laws are made and imposed for the welfare of a state and their people. But state becomes disruptive, when people of that state stop following laws. Sometime the state becomes weak, so the laws cannot survive in it. There are many countries in the world, where government ret are challenged, and peaceful countries become unbalance. It is because of law that people thinks 100% times before committing a murder. It is the law that robber’s thinks twice before rob a bank. Vicious will think before assault anyone. Fundamentally it is the concept which differentiates between good and bad, but originally it is the coercion of law which stops a person from bad. There are many countries, which did so much hard work and worked with determination to reach to the sky for being lawful. There are some countries which move towards annihilation. These countries are beatified with equal abilities and resources, but still their results are not the same. There is broad difference in productivity of these countries. One of the main reasons is how to implement justice in the state. Rules should be made for every citizen, and every citizen should have to follow those rules, as there is no other choice left for them, but just to follow them.

Truth and lei exist everywhere in the same ratio, as good and bad exist everywhere. There are positive people, who work for peace. They try to implement peace everywhere, but there are also people like the destruction of peace. They are called peace breakers. If there is law makers in the world, so there is also law breakers in the world, and they are not in favor of creation of laws. You have noticed around, where people follow laws but, there are also people who do not follow laws. These people when gathered on upper level are responsible for the destruction of laws, and yet downfall comes in a country. They have no concern with others they just do these things for their own self-interest and benefits. There are many countries where lawful situation is very worse. It’s all because of bad people who don’t care about laws. Thus lawlessness situations emerge out of it, and country becomes unstable. One of the examples of lawless country is Pakistan. Pakistan has been made for providing equal rights to the individual of the country. Where rules and regulation should be follow in fairly and orderly manner, But this dream became distractive, when government rules are challenged. It is because of bad governance, which made the situation lawless. People of the country became terrified after seeing the circumstances worse. My focus in this study is to answer to these following questions below.

  • What are the main reasons of lawlessness in Pakistan?
  • What are its impacts on the Pakistani society?
  • What are the suggestions through which we can reduce lawlessness in Pakistan

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Reasons of lawlessness in Pakistan:

There are many reasons of lawlessness in Pakistan. But the most important reasons which played a crucial role in downfall and leaving no peace in the country are:


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Corruption is the back bone of lawlessness in Pakistan. Corruption is in every field of Pakistan. Major Field where corruption took his place is particularly government, police forces, military, land services and private business sectors. From lower level to upper level Pakistan is in the hands of corrupt people and regime. The whole system is running under the umbrella of corruption. Pakistan’s ranking is consistently going poor in transparency international corruption perception. This ranked his points 2.5 in 2009, 2.3 in 2010, and 2.5 in 2011 out of 10 again. Pakistan is counted in 42 most badly affected by corruption countries, and ranks in 34th number. By the calculation of Transparency International, Pakistan has lost 94 billion dollars because of corruption. It is a great amount which is highly unbelievable to accept that Pakistan has lost it. Prime minister from last 4 years blamed for this because of low tax revenue, bad governance and corruption. It is said that Pakistan do not need any tiny from any other country, IMP or world bank, if the country becomes corruption free and maintain good governance for last long. The last government of Pakistan made records in corruption, and her ranks are went high day by day in bad things. NAB chairman respectively said that 40 billion dollars corruption was done annually in the last 5 years. The freedom of media in Pakistan from 2002 played a major role in pointing out notable corruption cases. Some major cases like, fake registration of doctors by the ex-president of the Pakistan Medical and Dental council, 26 billion scam in Pakistan steel mills, Insurance company scandal, 500 million dollars loss in PIA corruption issue, financial losses in Pakistan Railways, Hajj corruption, corruption in NATO containers where 40 containers were missing, Rental power project corruption, Malik Riaz case where Pakistani chief justice’s son were involved in taking favorable decisions for him. From these cases it proves that media is much more powerful in today’s time. Malik Riaz case proved that media can effect on judiciary as well. Yet the media called fight against corruption. It is a big issue and it makes the country lawless, because every person from lower to high level thinks about it. They don’t afraid of law, nor do they follow why, because there is no acceptance of law and it is also not forcefully imposed. Corruption is twin born with Pakistan.


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According to the latest World Bank report said that 60% of population are below the poverty range in Pakistan. 21% households are extremely poor which live with less than 125 rupees per day. It is difficult to quantify because the methodology were used by the government of Pakistan were challenged by the World Bank and UNDP.  Wealth distribution is highly unbalanced in Pakistan. The highly population are earning 27 dollars and lower 2 dollars a day. This is one of the biggest lawlessness which showed a disrespect of law or unavailability of law in Pakistan. Women’s poverty is significantly going upward day by day. Pakistan’s human development and per capita income especially those for women are below the level of other countries. During the partition time in 1947, Pakistan got the most backward parts of South Asia which had only one university, one textile mill and one factory. In that time people worked hard to make their GNP progressive, and made a tremendous progress in per capita income which remains the highest in South Asian. But the War in Afghanistan and war with India created poverty again which affected on Pakistani growth. From earlier poverty was in higher level in rural areas and lower in urban areas of Pakistan. Thus the income of urban and rural areas was considerable. Punjab is more rich then other province, and its poverty level is lower than the rest of the provinces. Gender discrimination also created poverty in our country in shape of distribution. As it is defined, that women’s place is home not the work place. It is extremely against the laws. Poverty created many social issues, like violence, robbery, suicide etc. poverty should be reduces otherwise it will create bad image in country.


alt=" terroism in pakistan"terroism in pakistan

Terrorism is the use of violence against others for the achievements of political goals and personal ends in the territory. Terrorism is widely using to affect politics and to achieve your goals. At present time terrorism is the biggest problem of Pakistan. It is a headache for the government and a frightening dream for the public of Pakistan. Terrorism is not the headache of Pakistan, but still she has to bear the brunt of it, because Pakistan was involved in it, in spite the fact that it was a global issue. Engagement of Pakistan in war on terror was like fuelled to the fire. It is situation of war that we are affecting by terrorist attack day by day. It is caused by many factors. Terrorism gave birth to many causes like social injustice, political instability, religious intolerance, economics disparity and also international conspiracies. Millions of Muslim were killed in this war and also it showed the wrong image of Islam. These acts distorted the real image of Islam in the world. Terrorist and suicide attacks are like daily tablets, where doctor tell you to take it 4 times a day. The situation is like this today in our country, one suicide attack in the morning, one in afternoon and one at night. Pakistan is suffering too much and the situation is extremely lawless. One side economically and the other side civilian are suffering most of the time. According to a statistical report, armed forces were undergoing with 15,681 casualties, while fighting against terrorists since 2008. Report also said that 5,152 civilians have been killed through terrorist attacks and suicide bombing. It is also said that, 235 suicides have been made in the last five years. 1030 schools and colleges were destroyed by these attacks in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. It is the most unlawful situation caused by terrorism, because of terrorism Pakistan facing increasingly lawlessness. It can be reduce, if government change their policies against war on terror, and try to not involve in other countries war, because war against terrorism is not our war, it is a war of U.S against Taliban. So Pakistan’s government should think about its consequences first.

The Violation of traffic Rules

Signal Light Traffic-Violation-in-Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries who have strong rules and written constitution. It has very strong laws for institutions and departments. Traffic is one of them which are not only belonging to Policing system but also to humanity. It can cause to reduce the human and other life loses or can provide better to save lives and properties.  Pakistan has almost international slandered laws regarding traffic but, unfortunately not implementing like other laws of the country. Several incidents as a result of violation of traffic rules and regulations have led to the death of people. In Pakistan there are about 26 deaths from road accidents per 100,000 people (Dawn research reported).

We see that the drivers are considered it as a symbol of pride to violate the traffic roll and regulations like driving above speed limits, breaking traffic signals, under age driving all is common in our society. We encourage the underage to drive. Over loading and driving without license is not in count. Parking places and park the vehicle in a proper place is not including in our life style. We as a Pakistani nation feel very proud to violate the laws and the same doing in traffic laws irrespective of life and human dignity.

It is very worst that the ratio of law enforcement is almost nil in life loses in Pakistan.  Though it is law that if the driver had been found in killing of any human on road due to speed and carelessness they will pay for their penalty but in 99 per cent cases we see the drivers take the advantage of the JARGAS and making excuses. We see the traffic police are untrained and getting personal benefits rather to remain lawful to the law of the state. Though we would take serious action against the lawbreakers but even it is now the time that government should take serious action against the tribulations. No license should be providing without proper written and practical tests. Canceling of the drivers are also very important to enable them to have know how of the social ethics. Common man also need to be educated to make the drivers law bonded to secure their own life and minimize the risks. The attitude of negligent may need to be change. We being a student are our duty to enforce the drivers to follow the traffic laws.

Street Crimes and violencealt='street crimes"

Street crime has been increasing day by day in Pakistan. Every individual is the victim of street crime today. Some people think that, it is caused by poverty, while the other thinks that, it is caused by adolescent offender. Wallet and mobile snatching is the most common street crime in Pakistan. Because of these activities the security situation is going worsened day by day, which is showing extremely lawlessness in Pakistan. It is because of the government policies which allowing offenders to do these kind of activities. It is possible for the government to make some kind of law for everyone who buy and sell their mobile phones, they must have to show and register their I.D card during buying and selling their items. Which can be helpful for every individual and for security agencies to find out the person who snatched or stolen that item.  There is no law such like this, that’s why it encourages the people to make plan and manipulate law and converted it to their own favor. This situation is not only in Pakistan, every country around the world has been effecting by street crimes. It is increasing lawlessness in making the situation alarming in every city. There is no affective solution for this issue that is why people are still unaware of it. The researchers said that the people who committed these crimes are not professional; it is because of poverty that persuades helpless people to do these kinds of crimes. Poverty comes with the difference in rich and poor. Rich people do not help the poor people these days, which was exist in the fast. A strong bond was there between rich and poor in the fast. But unfortunately, the situation is opposite these days, the richer getting richer and the poor are going poorer day by day.

Its impacts on Pakistani society

Lawlessness has a very negative impact on Pakistani society. It affected the socioeconomic growth of Pakistan atrociously. Lawlessness gave birth to lots of problems in Pakistan socially and also economically. Economic growth is consistently on low average, which is not better for the economy of Pakistan. There are various impacts of lawlessness on Pakistani society like unemployment, poverty and inflation. Exploitation of workers because of feudalism, and foreigner investor are not investing their money are also main points and impacts on Pakistani society by lawlessness. When there is lawlessness in the country and the situation is worse, thus the industrial sites are mostly closed, and they are unable to hire workers and employment rate increasing. Shutting of industrial states means that capitalists are not investing their money. When there is no work to do, the unemployment rate will arise. Poverty is also interrelated with lawlessness. If the situation is worse in the country, people will create lawlessness. “Poverty is the worst form of violence” (Gandhi). As Gandhi said it is the worst form of violence, it means that when the poverty rate increasing, the violence comes against the government of that country thus, the lawlessness comes. Poverty rate is always increasing when government is not giving proper attention to the individual of the country. Thus, people starting violence against their government. The inflation is also related with lawlessness, when there is no proper security for investor, so investor will not invest and inflation rate will increase. Inflation rate also increase when government is not giving attention to the economy. When exploitation of workers by feudalism taking place, it means that there is no proper rules and regulation for the individual. Government is not giving equal rights to workers against feudalists. Thus, lawlessness rate increasing and workers goes against the feudalists which, creating lawless situation in the country. Foreigner investors never invest their money in lawless places, where they thinks their money can be plunged. If we look to the situation of Pakistan, there you will see very less number of foreign investors who invests their money in Pakistani market. Social impact is also negative because of lawlessness. It is showing negative image of Pakistan in front of world. When there is not peace in the country thus, media is also going against it. Lawlessness goes all over the society. Variation of lawlessness always harms the prosperity of the country in overall bases. In the previous decades Pakistan’s economy has been battered by lawlessness. Violence on the bases of ethnicity and sectarianism has a very wrong impact on the investment side. It is harmful and giving birth to unemployment. Major industrial states have been shut down because of electricity shortage and unavailability of gas. Because of instability and law in order situation the industrial states are forcefully closed.

 Comparison of Pakistan with other countries

The top most countries where lawlessness built are Columbia, Somalia, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Congo, Burundi, Iraq, Mexico, and Venezuela. Pakistan is one of lawless country in it, and ranked as world’s no.3 more lawless full country. Pakistan is one of the most suffered countries from this problem, and its keep effecting in these days. Pakistan has world seventh largest army but still it is surrounded by dark clouds. Pakistan is a democratic country but still there is politically instability. The government considers itself stable and corporative but every individual know that it is just by name. Whether it is corruption or terrorism the endless problems are gifted to our country and the government are nothing to do with its problems. Mentioning the most exist problems in Pakistan which caused lawlessness and disrespect are terrorism, corruption, politically instable, poverty, illiteracy, international interference, traffic issues and many more. Pakistan is also ranked on top for religious, tribal, cultural brutality which includes acid attacks, child marriages, female gentility, and forced marriages. There are many issues which caused lawlessness in Pakistan, but I will point out the major issues which created lawlessness in Pakistan. Mainly corruption, richness, poverty, loads shedding, weak audit and NAB system etc.

 Suggestions through which we can reduce lawlessness in Pakistan

A famous saying by the actor Tom Hanks in a movie that, “every problem has a solution”. It means that, whenever problems comes God provide us their solutions as well. I have discussed some causes of lawlessness in Pakistan. Now, I would like to give some suggestions that, how can we solve these problems;

How can we reduce corruption

Corruption is twin born with Pakistan. Corruption made the situation even worse in Pakistan which needs to be stop now. From minor level to high level government should take action by the help of media which played already in important role in pointing out some major corruption cases. Major cases are already exposed by the help of media, that’s why NAB took action against them. Roots of corruption are very strong in Pakistan but the government needs to be active and rules and regulation should be clear with the help of laws. Then we can take control over this disease, which damaging Pakistan day by day. It is hard to reduce corruption, but not impossible. Strong anti-corruption law should be made and imposed it on every sector of the country. These laws should be fully implemented to forbid people from it. The first instruments is education, by the help of education we can reduce corruption. Literacy rate is high in Pakistan, if we provide proper education everyone; it might be helpful in the reduction of corruption. By changing government process we can also reduce corruption. There are many criminal cases on which government officials did not take any action. Especially politician who are mostly criminal in nature and government did not take any action against them. We need to change this trend.

 How can we eliminate poverty

Poverty is gravest problem of Pakistan which is above 50%. Government need to think seriously about it. Pakistan should not only depend on foreign aids, because foreign aids will just give you food for few days but after that people will start crying for it. Government should provide opportunities of employment to those people who are below of earning. People who cannot afford one time meal to their families will try to suicide or become a thief and start doing robberies, which is going these days on highly basis. That’s the point where lawlessness comes and government are unable to stop it. It is creating violence in the cities and common man is suffering a lot. Government should think about it seriously. We can reduce poverty by promoting industrialization. We need to replace the agriculture equipments by scientific equipments in order to increase production. If we establish justice and equality all over the country, that will also help in reducing poverty. Distribution of resources is also important, if we distribute resources equally on each and every one of the country, with no favoritism of rich and poor that can also help in reducing poverty. Everything should be on merit base, so that nobody will suffer. Discrimination is also an important reason of poverty, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poor day by day. Government need to change their policies. Providing of job opportunities will also reduce poverty. Proper education to every child of Pakistan can also help in reducing poverty.

How can we eliminate terrorism

Pakistan is facing severe situation because of terrorism. Country and security forces are facing bomb blasts, suicide attacks, target killings and sectarian violence. Pakistan’s security agencies are coupled with this situation. How can we reduce these problems related with terrorism?  We can eliminate terrorism by getting a prime minister who can easily get favor from military and ISI. Coordination and mutual understanding between government and military agencies can help in eliminating terrorism. We can eliminate terrorism by prosecution of those ISI and military officers who did wrong in past and still have relationships with militants. We can also reduce terrorist attacks by immediately ban on those speeches that created hatred against Pakistan, especially in madrasa’s and provide true Islamic syllabus in all schools. We have to make good relationships with neighbor countries like India and Afghanistan, which are against us, because they are also affected by terrorism. Terrorism can be reducing with cooperation with neighbor countries. There should be laws, which monitor hate speeches and persecute those who work against Pakistan. Most important one, we need to use major part of aid on education sector, it’s kind of investment which gives return after sometime.

 The Violation of traffic laws

Our traffic system is one of the world’s best traffic systems, but unfortunately, it is not implemented properly. Rich can do mistakes because there is no law for them; laws are only for poor’s. If you are a driver of taxi, rickshaw and bus you will be suffer more by the traffic police. If you want to rid out of police then you have to give bribe, otherwise they will charge you more.  It is poor whose effecting everyday by traffic police. That’s the real discrimination, where laws become lawless. Our government should implement laws with the help of strong penalties and imposed it on its own sectors first, and then on the individual of our country. We can reduce traffic congestion by providing separate lanes for public transports, by separate lanes I mean that, lane on which just local taxis and buses runs, and it will be not open for private transport. We can also reduce traffic congestion by providing proper traffic engineering system to control traffic with proper restrictions. Restrictions like, parking restriction, loading restriction and turn restriction. We can also reduce traffic congestion by using innovative ideas. By this I mean to provide proper guide way to the drivers, and also applying new technology. We can help reducing congestion.

How can we reduce street crime and violence?

The situation of street crimes and violence is alarming in Pakistan. It is became a regular aspect in our country. Snatching of mobile phones, vehicles, wallet, and gold are in the hit range of street criminals. They always well-armed and prepared for doing any crime and they fear the victim with weapons. Thus the innocent citizens do nothing in front of criminals during snatching their valuable stuff. It is also a big problem that the victims did not complain or registering their complaints with the police, because they avoid lengthy process and involvement with police. There is no cooperation between police and civilians of our country that is why most of the time the criminals are roaming around freely in the society. It looks like the police have a mercy with the criminals. Now how can we prevent street crime? It should be hook in a comprehensive way. Street crimes can be reducing by giving protection to every individual of the country by the government. Government should provide proper justice system and policing capabilities. Cooperation between civilians can also reduce street crimes. Avoid late night roaming in the streets can also help in reducing street crime. Street crimes can be reducing by the help of making different strategies against criminals. Criminal justice system should be more effective in which the criminals felt fear to do any crime. Police should give duty where street crimes mostly taken place and we can also reduce street crime by improving street lights.


Above all these problems Pakistan is facing today leads this country to in dangerous situation. Lawlessness stabling her roots day by day which destroyed the peace of our country. Corruption made the situation even worse in Pakistan which needs to be stop now, although corruption is twin born with Pakistan. It is hard to eliminate corruption from Pakistan, but not impossible. Poverty is gravest problem of Pakistan which is above 50%. Government need to think seriously about it. Government should provide opportunities of employment to those people who are below of earning. When everyone gets a job, there will be reduction in poverty. Pakistan is facing severe situation because of terrorism. Country and security forces are facing bomb blasts, suicide attacks, target killings and sectarian violence. When can cope with this issue if people help the government, and government also make changes in their rules and regulation. Our traffic system is one of the world’s best traffic systems, but unfortunately, it is not implemented properly. There should strong enforcement of traffic rules, where every individual should be treated equally. The situation of street crimes and violence is alarming in Pakistan. We can reduce it, if we cooperate with police and police cooperate with people by taking action against criminals on time. May Allah give us true and faithful government, which thinks about people who are suffering by lawlessness in present days. Ameen

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