How to Identify Secure Sites: 5 Signs an Online Pay Stub Maker Is Legit

If you use an online pay stub maker for your business, these 5 signs will indicate whether or not it’s safe. Here’s how to identify secure sites.

Do you own your own business and need to make pay stubs for your employees? You don’t need to install a software program on your computer to do so. There are tons of great pay stub makers online.

But how do you they’re legitimate and won’t just steal your account information?

Learn how to identify secure sites to find a reliable online pay stub maker in this tech article.

Online Pay Stub Makers: 5 Signs of Secure Sites

Keep an eye out for these 5 signs of trusted websites when choosing an online pay stub maker.

  1. HTTPS vs. HTTP

All websites begin with either HTTP or HTTPS. But is HTTPS safe or is it HTTP that you can trust?

If you want to choose a secure website, then you’re better off choosing a website starting with “https”. The “s” indicates the website has an SSL certificate and encryption. This protects all sensitive information traveling between the site and its server.

A website starting with only “http” does not have an SSL certificate. Never enter any important personal information into a site with only “http”.

  1. Verify the Trust Seal

Does the website boast that it’s secured with an icon saying “Verified” or “Secure”? This is a trust seal and it shows that the business works with an online security partner.

These seals sometimes refer only to HTTPS security, but they also reveal other safety features.

The presence of a trust seal is not enough to guarantee your safety, however. You need to verify that the seal comes from a legitimate security company.

Just click the icon to go to the security firm’s website. You can also conduct an online search to verify the firm is real.

  1. Check for a Privacy Policy

Every business should list their privacy policy on their website. The policy should detail how the business collects, uses, and protects the data you enter into their site.

If the website lists its privacy policy, you know the owner cares about your information’s safety. Be sure you read the privacy policy before submitting any personal information.

  1. Look for Contact Information

The availability of the business’s contact information also indicates their trustworthiness. Shady businesses do not want you to contact them easily whereas legitimate ones do.

Keep an eye out for an email address, phone number, or instant chatbox. Safe websites clearly display the business’s contact information and their physical address. They also include their social media accounts and return policies.

For example, you can easily find contact information on You can also see they have an SSL certificate with the “https” and the little lock before the URL.

  1. Be Familiar with Common Signs of Malware

Finally, you should familiarize yourself with the most common signs of malware on a website. Sometimes cyber criminals infect legitimate sites with malware to steal your information.

Common signs of malware include suspicious pop-ups, defacements, unprofessional advertisements, and redirects. Keep an eye out for obvious grammatical and spelling errors since most legitimate websites do not contain these.

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Feel confident that you can now identify secure sites to find an online pay stub maker?

You can use these same tips to locate a secure website in any industry or niche. Simply check for an SSL certificate, the site’s privacy policy, and their trust seal so you’re good to go!

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