Here is what Muhammad Amir said in response to Virat Kohli’s Lavish Praise

Recently Virat Kohli made a statement about Muhammad Amir on a Indian TV Show in which he praised Amir and his bowling.

Virat said that Amir is one of the toughest bowler to play against, and he faced difficultly while playing against him, because you’ve to be in your game otherwise he will strike.

He said these words on replying to a question asked by Bollywood actor Amir Khan. He asked Kohli who is the toughest bowler to play against.

Here is the video of that movement:

Video Source: Abbtakk News

Here is the reply of Muhammad Amir after Virat Kohli Praised him for his exceptional Bowling. Amir said that we both have mutual understanding, because we played together in past during under 19 world-cup:

Watch Video Below:

Video Source: Cricedge Pakistan

So did you like their words for each other?

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