Last Minute Tips to get band 8 and plus in IELTS


Everyone dreams of getting band 8 and above. So if you are one of them, you might need these tips for all four sections of IELTS. These are some last minute tips from one of a student, who is very much satisfied from her test.

1) Listening:

Listening is super chilled. Just check that you write answers that falls into the sentence structure. So that when you read the sentence it flows and makes sense.

2) Reading:

Don’t spend much time on 1st article. I didn’t manage to finish last article – and had to rush. Not s pleasant experience. So time management is crucial.

3) Writing:

I expected this section to be hard but once I got a good plan to what I will write in each paragraph it really helped me with managing my time. We got a line graph, look for key points, and where you can compare two or more groups. The essay was really nothing to worry about however, make sure to use synonyms and don’t use same words over and over. Make sure to answer the question and if they ask you to what extent do you agree make sure to answer it. Remember good writing is not about using vocabulary its about conveying an idea in clear and understandable language.

4) Speaking:

Be sure to answer quickly as he doesn’t give you much time to respond after each question. Also be ready to justify your answer. As he will ask you…”why do you say that? ” The topics he discussed with me was name a city I would like to live and work, we also talked about pets and job satisfaction.

Good luck and remember to just stay calm because if you are too anxious it may effect your ability to concentrate.

Shahid Umar

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