Cybil 2007: Movie Review

Q 1: What disorder was illustrated in this film? Did the person meet the criteria for “abnormal” in this portrayal?

 Personality/behavior disorders are illustrated in the movie. Yes, the person meets the criteria for abnormal person. Basically, the movie is about a young woman named Sybil who develops 16 different personalities. Interestingly, she develops two characters of male in the movie as well. The way she switch from one personality to another and the way she behaves in different situation demonstrates an ‘abnormal’ person. Sometimes, she becomes sad and violent. Whenever she listen music in a church, her urine comes out. She sometimes tries to harm herself and others. So, the way the character has been portrayed reveals that the person is abnormal.

Q 2: What symptoms of mental illness did you see in the movie? After considering typical symptoms and behaviors for this order, determine the extent to which you believe this was a realistic portrayal of this order?

 I watched the following symptoms of mental illness in the movie about the woman.

  • Sybil says in the movie “people say that I have done what I do not have done”.
  • She further says “sometime I meet people whom I see for the first time, but they say that they know her”.
  • She sometimes doesn’t remember buying her clothes and paintings.
  • She says that she doesn’t like music.
  • Don’t like people because she believes that nobody like her.
  • Sometimes she faces a mental attack in which she becomes violent and does harms to herself and others. Once she tries to suicide but gives up her intention on the eleventh hour.

After considering the typical symptoms and behaviors for personality disorder, I believe that the character has been played realistically because the way Sybil acts for different personalities and her behaviors look pretty real.

Q 3: Were any casual factors for the character’s disorder suggested in the film? If so, which ones?

 Yes, many casual factors have been suggested in the movie for the character’s disorder. The reason behind her personality disorder is the violence she receives from her mother in her childhood. Her mother abuses her both physically and sexually. One of the reasons is the tragic death of her boyfriend. It happens as that once the character’s boyfriend tries to jump from a height while leaving free his body on his back side. When he reaches the ground, covered with grasses, a bar of iron goes through his back and comes out to his breast. This tragic death of his boyfriend leaves an effect on her personality.

Q 4: What types of treatment, if any, did the person in the film receive? Provide specific examples.

 Sybil receives different treatments. Her doctor Miss Wilbur tries to understand her problem from different angles. The doctor tries to use biological approach when she meets with her patient’s father who live in another city. She uses Humanistic approach as well when her patient tries to go out by breaking the windows and Wilbur says to her that she can go out without breaking the windows as the windows are open. In the end, the doctor uses hypnosis and treats her patient in which she success.

Q 5: What impact did the person’s disorders have on others in his/her life? Do you think the impact was realistically portrayed? Why or why not?

The character has a very little interaction with other people in the movie. She lives alone because her Mom has died while his father lives in another city. The much more affected is she by herself. The impact was realistically portrayed because she does harms to herself and her doctor when she faces the mental attack.

 Q 6: After viewing the movie, what do you think it would be like to live with this mental illness?

 No, I think it will be very difficult for one to live with such type of mental illness, because the character suffers very much due to it. It is such a dangerous illness that the character once tries to suicide. So, I think that it is dangerous for everybody to live with such a mental illness.


Q 7: What was your overall reaction to the movie and how mental illness was portrayed?

 I think it was a good movie. The metal illness portrayed in the movie was looking quite realistic. I really appreciate the acting of the actress who adopts different personalities.

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