A glimpse of Human Rights Situation in Pakistan

Human Rights Situation in Pakistan   (Major Societal Problem of Pakistan)


Human Rights situation in Pakistan

Human rights are those rights which are inborn with human being. Rights belong to every person, and it is the responsibility of the government to provide equal rights to every individual of the country. You cannot divide human rights, because human rights are interrelated to every human being. One cannot discriminate them on the basis of sex, color, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, language, residence or any other position. Rights should be providing equally to every person, who comes under the jurisdiction of a state. Rights hold by every person equally, and it is universal and forever. They are inalienable, one should not lose them. Rights are your basic motivation, if it is equally provided to you by the country; you can express yourself with that motivation in every stage of life. If you are violating someone’s rights, it seem like you are not considering that person as a human being. It is your right to get equal education and fulfill your basic necessities of life. Human rights are human’s dignity, which has to be advocate respectively. Your individual responsibility is that to speak up against human rights violation if someone is abused or affected by that. It is your equal responsibility to support those people who are abused by its violation. If a person does not support those who are denied or abused by this impact, he/she are considered to be equally responsible of that violation. They are practical and inspirational for every human being. Human rights set provide simple, peaceful and free world for every individual of the globe. Who can easily move from one place to another on the basis of those practical and inspirational rights provided by the Human Rights association of the world. In Pakistan, Human Rights are mainly unavailable for every individual, nobody gets equal rights. There are plenty of dominant classes in the country, who exploit human rights most of the time. The first 30 pages of the constitution of Pakistan are about human rights, but still it is ineffectual for the people of Pakistan. Because of the implementation of the constitution is not very accurate. That is why people of our country are not much happy from our governments most of the time. This note is about the violation of human rights in Pakistan, and I will try to answer to some questions below.

1) Human Rights in Pakistan?

2) Political abuse of Human Rights?

3) How to protect Human rights?

The key focus in this note is to answer to some questions below, and to draw a conclusion after answering these questions. Which are?

1) Human Rights in Pakistan.

2) Political abuse of Human Rights.

3) How to protect Human rights.

Human Rights in Pakistan

The Human Rights situation of Pakistan is in a complex whole, because of imbalances and discrepancies in the realm. The going state of Pakistan is developing with a high population rate. Pakistan is a sovereign state with Islamic Democracy.  Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a mixture of Islamic laws as well as secular laws. Pakistani Constitution gives essential rights  to the people of the country, mainly are freedom of thoughts, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, rights to bear and freedom of information. Above clauses are widely accepted and practiced by the government and the Supreme Court, which take action against those who are going against the constitution of Pakistan. For as independent Supreme Court these clauses are implemented and provided. Supreme Court which has an independent judiciary, separation of judiciary and executives, freedom of movement and the human right commission which are independent. According to constitution every citizen is allowed to move freely in the country and abroad as well.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan wished to have a moderate secular state with a mixture of Islamic principles and values. In spite of that, Pakistan state should not be mixed up with secular and Islamic rules. Although the status of Pakistan is an Islamic republic state, which should not be compared and confused with other Islamic countries in the region. E.g. Islamic republic of Iran. In Iran there is Islamic theocracy rather than Islamic democracy. Thus Islamic states have different perspectives. In Pakistan there is not a theocracy but a democracy.  There is a free fare election take place after 5 years in Pakistan. By nature the laws are secular in Pakistan. Rules and Laws are mostly inherited from the colonial time before 1947, which were the Rules of United Kingdom. The pressure has been increasing on Pakistan in modern days to re-establish and redefined those rule which were implemented and established during the rule of British Empire.

There are many problems Pakistan is encountering today on the basis of implementation of laws for Human Rights. Courts don’t have enough funds to implement these rules for rights. If someone tries to rethink about those laws, they will face resistance from dominant people who are against those new laws. Human rights progress is very slow in Pakistan. Pakistani legal courts are mainly concern with national security, crime, domestic peacefulness and other issues. There was a bill signed by the Former President Asif Ali Zardari  in 2012 for the National Commission of Human Rights for the protection of Human Rights in the country.

Human Rights situation in Pakistan

Political Abuse of Human Rights in Pakistan

Jerkwater and local governments arrested journalists and compressed newspapers that news on matters detected as socially attacking or nitpicking of the regime. Journalists also jazz been victims of aggression and intimidation by various groups and individuals. In spite of these difficulties, the counsel publishes freely, though journalists often times study self-restraint in their penning.

The 1997 Anti-Terrorism Act, which secures Anti Terrorism Cartilage, and consequent anti-terrorist government, has raised concerns near covering of basic rights.

Citizens participated in generalized elections in 2001, but those elections were criticized as deeply flawed by home and international observers. Societal actors also are causative for frail rights abuses. Aggression by drug lords and denominational militias claims numerous irreproachable lives, favoritism and force against women are distributed, human trafficking is problematic, and debt practice and secure toil remain.

The governance oftentimes ignores abuses against children and churchly minorities, and polity institutions and whatever Islamic groups feature persecuted non-Muslims and old many laws as the statutory ground for doing so. The Blasphemy Law, for illustration, allows sentence immurement or the ending penalization for contravening Islamic principles, but governing was passed in Oct 2004 to sideboard exercise of the law.

Moreover, the ethnic permissiveness of galore these problems hinders their demolition. One spectacular instance is virtue killings “karo kari”, which are believed to change accounted for more than 4,000 deaths from 1998 to 2003. More sight this preparation as suggestive of a feudal attitude and falsely anathema to Muslimism, but others defend the drill as a means of punishing violators of ethnical norms and looking attempts to stop it to as an assault on ethnical heritage.

Pakistan was advisable by the U.S. Mission on Multinational Churchly Freedom (USCIRF) in May to be designated as a “State of Primary Concern” (CPC) by the Division of Say because of its government’s impinging or permissiveness of systematized, current, and gross violations of religious freedom.

Enforced Disappearances’ (Missing Persons)

Police and Military agencies of Pakistan are accused of kidnapping and arresting many political leaders, who demanded for extra freedom and autonomy. They also arrested teachers and students activists during protesting against government. They were said to be involved in exploitation of government rules. That is why lots of human right activists protested against the disappearance and kidnapping of those people.

Discrimination against religious minorities

As of Apr.2012, Pakistan did not supply an eligible system for registration of marriages for bound minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Bahá’í. Forgoing of acknowledgment of Hindi marriages is often victimized to discourage and bother Hindus. Wedded Hindi women had been forcibly seize and mated to Muslims, and are leftish without sanctioned help due to inability to judge their preceding ritual.  It also makes it fractious for Hindus to obtain the Computerized General Identicalness Roll.

There score been stark persecution of Hindus by Muslims in Pakistan since its fabrication in 1947. The progressive Islamization has caused some Hindus to departure Hinduism and attempt emancipation by converting to remaining faiths much as Faith and Faith. Specified Islamization countenance the blasphemy laws, which create it serious for pious minorities to transport themselves freely and struggle freely in churchgoing and social activities.

Age members of the Pakistan Soul Construction get questionable that Hindus were being hounded and humiliated to perforate them to yield Pakistan. Hindu women mortal been identified to be victims of kidnapping and unnatural changeover to Islamism. Krishan Bheel, a Religion member of the Person Construction of Pakistan, came into word fresh for manhandling Qari Gul Rehman.

Hindus in what is now Pakistan soul declined from 23% of the total population in 1947 to 2% . The account condemns Pakistan for nonrandom state-sponsored interfaith favoritism against Hindus finished bigoted “anti-blasphemy” laws. It documents numerous reports of trillions of Hindus beingness held as “guaranteed laborers” in slave like conditions in pastoral Pakistan, who are rapidly neglected by the governing bodies of Pakistan.

Unnatural and coerced conversions of churchlike minorities to Monotheism occurred at the safekeeping of actors of society. Sacred minorities claimed that governance actions to halt the problem were incompetent. Individual nominal rights groups’ individual highlighted the redoubled phenomenon of Religionist girls. In Karachi particularly there is a trend of kidnapping minorities’ families and forcefully converting them to their faith. This is extremely wrong because you cannot forcefully convert another religion person to your own religion. Nor our religion insists for this.

There is pending charges against a person who kidnapped a 15 years old girl with the name of Samina Ishaq, and that person tried to force full convert her to Islam, held in 2004.

Human Rights situation in Pakistan

How to protect Human Rights

Human rights can be protected by many ways. First a person should know what his own rights are. How a common person will know about his rights? He can know about his rights by proper awareness. Awareness comes for an individual by Human Rights related trainings, workshops, issuing human rights related templates, by newspapers, and listening to television whenever human rights related programs are showing.  Line enforcing agencies need to enforce laws with true spirit, from which a common man take benefit. After enforcing these laws, agencies should provide proper trainings to aware people about the implantation these laws. Non-profit organizations and NGO’s should also take their part in awareness of Human Rights, as they are already doing their job. Those who are victims of human rights should be providing proper justice by the courts and police. Some rights are naturally built, by naturally means which cannot be denied on the basis of race, sex, gender etc. legal aid system should be provided to every individual of the country. The protection of human laws will seem like people got some degree of decent treatment. If political systems protect human rights, it is easy for a country to reduce conflicts after it.

human rights situation in Pakistan

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