How to make mic pick up voice better – a guide for the beginners

Whether you are a professional singer or a YouTube vlogger, the key factor that your audience is looking out is the quality of your voice. In the recent era, singing has become very popular as almost every second person in this earth craves to achieve success in this field. However, the success rate in the same is quite low. This is because to record an audio with a clear yet interesting voice is not that easy how it seems to be. generally, the people believe that anyone can sound better utilizing the top-notch microphone, however, this perception does not hold water as the person cannot create an amazing voice unless he/she learns the basic of singing.

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But no need to worry now as there are various tricks associated with the microphones that can probably assist you in improving your vocals and bringing clarity to your voice. So if your question is about how to make mic pick up voice better then read this guide and enhance your voice in the easiest yet effective way.

Tips on how to make mic pick up voice better?

If you are carrying the microphone for the very first time then the second you step towards the mic, the same turns out to be an electrical gadget rather than an auditory instrument. However, with the utilization of a few tricks, you can become familiar with a microphone and can improve your voice through the same much better. Some of those tricks are as follows:

  • Opt for the microphone that suits your voice and style – you can observe a wide variety of microphone models available in today’s market. These sets are designed considering the vocals of a singer. For instance, the dynamic mics are specially designed to aid the people having a brighter tone. The dynamic mics are often termed as dual mics that can be used either on stage or in the studio. On the other hand, a condenser mic is used by most of the professional singers that are mainly utilized for the intimate singing. Besides the dynamic and condenser microphones, you can also opt for the ribbon microphone. The major reason for why you should consider your voice style before buying a microphone is that you might require putting extra efforts on your throat to generate your voice through an irrelevant mic.
  • Consider the microphone as part and a parcel of your voice – most of the time, people get nervous while recording their audio. However, the stress is the major reason for degrading the quality of your sound. In order to improve your sound quality, do not push your voice through the acoustic instrument instead try to assume that the mic is only required to amplify your voice and is just a part of your voice.
  • Avoid holding the head portion of the mic – nowadays, people hold the mic from its head thinking that it looks cool and stylish. But this technique may not work if you are main focus relies on your sound quality rather than the way you are carrying the instrument. Whether you are singing on stage or recording in the studio, make sure to pick up the shaft of the device instead of its head. It will not only avoid the unnecessary muffling of the sound but will bring accuracy to the same.
  • Angle the mic appropriately – another factor that affects the voice quality is the improper placement of the instrument i.e., you must neither place too close to your mouth nor too away from the same. As per the several studies, the microphone should be positioned at a distance of at least half of an inch away from your mouth. You might have observed the singers pulling their heads back and again forward while singing. This is because the singers pull back their heads while increasing the volume of their sound and hence, get back to their original position while reducing the volume. So this is the best technique to generate the appropriate voice shifting your mic or head position. Apart from this, the singer should aim to sing in the middle of the microphone. If you hold the mic inappropriately and use the side or top of the mic to sing then it might result in an inferior voice.


These were some of the common tips that can improve your sound quality and engage your audience to listen to your voice. Before buying a mic make sure to consider the place you are going to use it. For instance, the Lavalier, USB, shotgun, and etc can turn out to be the best Microphone for YouTube vlogging whereas M-Audio Vocal studio USB, Samson C01/SR850, and Rode NT1 studio Microphone are used in the studio recording.

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